We're pleased to announce the Q1 2012 release for our educational 3D children's storybook eBook, called KRILLIONAIRE, our initial 3D Children's Storybook Whale eBook, the first in a unique 3D Educational eBook Series which will use new media technology to teach our youth facts about Whales and other Undersea Creatures.

Our 3D Educational Whale eBook series will be available at Amazon for Kindle, Kindle Fire or via FREE Kindle e-Reader Software for iPad, iPhone, Mac, Windows, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and Android devices such as Tablet, iTV & Smartphone.

Our first low-cost Storybook Edition for Black & White Kindle e-Readers ($3.99) is available (click KRILLIONAIRE above), and we will have a Krillionaire Monochrome Edition for $6.99 with full greyscale 3D scenes out in March (Also for B&W Kindles) and a $9.99 Krillionaire Color Edition for Kindle Fire and Kindle e-Reader Software.