One of the future opportunities afforded by electronic books, or eBooks, is that of Interactivity. Touchscreen surfaces, such as those found on the newest Amazon Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire as well as on Android devices and the Barnes & Noble Nook Color Tablets, will allow our future interactive 3D Whale eBook Content to be not only interactive, but will further allow game play within our future Whale eBook Titles themselves. This will allow us to increase the e-Learning efficiency of our current Children's Storybook eBooks by an order of magnitude, to a point where even Teens and Adults will enjoy them.

If enough readers request it, we will be publishing Interactive Whale eBook and Game titles on a number of open source platforms available internationally, including Oracle's JavaFX and Google Android, for GoogleTV, and the Amazon Kindle Fire, and the Barnes& Noble Nook Color and Nook Tablet eBook Readers.