Our Krillionaire Children's Whale 3D eBook is now available on Amazon! Click Here To Buy Krillionaire Color Edition!

Pricing will range from $3.99 up to $9.99 for 3D Educational Whale eBooks, with pricing determined by new media features included in the title. Krillionaire Storybook Edition ($3.99) a Black & White version of our Whale eBook, features characters from the 3D scene versions of the book, and will run on all Kindle e-Readers. Krillionaire Monochrome Edition is $3 more ($6.99) and features full 3D scenes in 16 shades of grey, also specifically optimized for Kindle e-Readers. Krillionaire Color Edition is another $3 more ($9.99), featuring full-color, high-resolution 3D scenes, which are optimized for Color e-Readers (such as the Kindle Fire), and FREE Kindle e-Reader software for: iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, PCs & Laptops running Windows XP, Vista, Win7, Windows Mobile, Mac & Android Smartphone, Tablet & iTVs.